Cell Biology Services

To support your animal research, we also offer cell and molecular biology services, cell line development services, flow cytometry, and cryostorage of your cells. We can expand or develop your cell line for both in vitro and in vivo data generation.

Woodburn Laboratory can accommodate your custom cell biology service needs in a variety of ways, described below:

Cell and Molecular Biology Services

We offer a wide range of custom cell and molecular biology services. We can design and perform your in vitro studies for pre-clinical development and testing, as well as perform classic molecular biology techniques. Let us act as your contract research organization for your cellular and molecular biology experiments. Contact us for more info

Flow Cytometry Services

Woodburn Laboratory offers flow cytometry services utilizing state-of-the-art technology and specialized experience. We offer standard or custom antibody panels, as well as low-cost options using your own antibodies. We can assist you from experimental design through sample processing and data analysis. Let us aid in your research or product development. Contact us for more info

Cell Line Development Services

Our scientists have decades of experience developing and utilizing stem, primary, and transformed cell lines for biomedical research. We can generate the exact cell line for your specific research needs based on species, tissue, gender, and age. Let us isolate and develop the cell line of your choice or expand and maintain your existing cell lines for you. Contact us for more info

Cell Cryostorage Services

Woodburn Laboratory can preserve your cell lines and offer long- or short-term storage of your experimental samples and research cell lines. Contact us for more info