cryostorage and preservation

Preserve your precious biological samples and cells with Woodburn Laboratory. Our liquid nitrogen storage protects your hard work for future experiments. Cryoprotection saves time and effort and ensures you can continue your science despite emergencies, personnel disruptions, contamination, or other unexpected circumstance.

Woodburn Laboratory can safely ship your preserved cells, samples, and tissues anywhere you need them:

We offer a range of cold- and cryostorage options, from liquid nitrogen storage to -20˚C or -80˚C mechanical freezers.

Get the peace of mind that comes from having off-site, backup storage of your important samples.

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Ready for the in vivo stage of your pharmacological research? Woodburn Laboratory is a full-service vivarium that can accommodate your rat or mouse model.

Do you need assistance designing your experiment? We offer custom protocol design, including guidance on how to properly power your study.

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