Cell Biology Services

Cell Biology Services

The core strength of our laboratory services is cell biology. Woodburn Laboratory’s research scientists can leverage cellular machinery to up-regulate or down-regulate proteins or other surface markers you need. We can also source or culture stem cells, immune cells (PBMCs, T-cells, etc.), or other primary cells needed for your research.

Our Passion: Regenerative Medicine

There’s a reason Woodburn Laboratory is located in Madison, Wisconsin. Our scientists have decades of experience in cell biology, specifically in developing stem cell therapeutic approaches. If your study involves regenerative medicine modalities, you will find an experienced partner in Woodburn Laboratory.

Our Passion: Regenerative Medicine

Cell Line Development

Our research scientists have decades of experience in generating stem, primary, immortalized, and transformed cell lines. Cell lines can be developed according to species, tissue, sex, and age.

We offer:

  • Cell isolation from multiple species, tissues, ages, and sexes
  • Stem cell isolation from bone marrow, adipose tissue, umbilical cord, or placental tissues
  • Primary cell isolation from tissues including brain, liver, kidney, muscle, and heart
  • Transformed cell isolation from tumors
  • PBMC isolation and expansion
  • T-cell isolation and expansion
  • Cell line expansion and maintenance

We also provide downstream in vitro and in vivo experimental services for your pre-clinical studies. Woodburn Laboratory scientists will work with you to design and perform experiments, analyze the data, and provide research reports to help you move to the next stage of your studies.

experience in generating stem, primary, immortalized, and transformed cell lines

Organoids and Spheroids

Woodburn Laboratory has extensive experience in growing multicellular 3D structures, including organoid generation. If your science involves using stem-cell-based organoids to model tissues or test expected cellular processes, contact us.

Our expertise and facilities are here to help.

growing multicellular 3D structures, including organoid generation

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Other Cell Biology Services

  • Expansion and maintenance of cell cultures
  • Testing for cell viability, cytotoxicity, and morphology
  • Transfection of cell lines
  • Immortalized cell lines
  • Cell staining and imaging
Cell Biology Services

2D or 3D Cell Culture: Either Way

Whatever conditions your cells need to grow, Woodburn Laboratory will provide them. Our laboratory scientists are experienced in various methods of cell culture, cell expansion, and cell manipulation. Whether your cells need scaffolding, microcarriers, or other 3D structure, we can help.

2D or 3D Cell Culture


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Ready for the in vivo stage of your pharmacological research? Woodburn Laboratory is a full-service vivarium that can accommodate your rat or mouse model.

Do you need assistance designing your experiment? We offer custom protocol design, including guidance on how to properly power your study.

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Woodburn Laboratory is ready to take on your preclinical study today. Contact us to discuss the many ways we can move your research forward.

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