Vivarium Services

At Woodburn Laboratory, we provide personalized services to meet your project needs. One of our experienced study coordinators will sit down with your team to determine your requirements for housing, husbandry, technical, surgical, and testing services. We will then customize your service agreement to best fit your project goals. We offer reasonable daily rates, flexible leases, four levels of contract services, and customizable terms.

Lease Terms

  • Customizable service terms
  • Flexible lease terms (monthly/yearly)
  • Per-diem housing also available
  • No monthly minimum animal requirement

Levels of Service

We offer four levels of service that can be customized to suit:


Housing and husbandry services include food, bedding, cages and accessories (hide tube or hut, chew block and/or nest-building paper enrichment, and water bottle), cage cleaning, weighing of animals, and regular animal health monitoring.  Also includes access to surgical suite, anesthesia equipment, and PPE (gloves, shoe covers, and surgical caps). [no technical assistance provided]


Everything included in the Basic Service, plus technical assistance with blood draws, injections, follow-up care to surgery. Sterile instrument use and other basic surgery supplies provided.


Everything included in the Advanced Service, plus one technician providing anesthesia and/or surgical support (sample/tissue collection, euthanasia, and necropsy).

Elite CRO Service

One of our experienced study coordinators will customize the design and coordinate your research study from choosing an animal model, through protocol development and assembly, ACUC approval, study performance, including collection of endpoint data, followed by data analysis, interpretation of results, and a final report provided.

Optional Services

  • Assistance in experimental design
  • Protocol development
  • Animal model recommendations
  • Blood draws & injections
  • Clinical lab services
  • Tissue collection
  • Sample shipping support
  • Cognitive and behavioral testing
  • Animal technical support
  • Surgical assistance
  • Anesthesia support
  • Necropsy & histopathology
  • Tumor analyses
  • Ordering of animals and supplies
  • Specialized diets