In Vivo Services


Woodburn Laboratory’s turnkey vivarium supports a wide range of in vivo services. We are as involved as you need us to be, from simple housing and husbandry to the full design and execution of your multi-stage pilot, safety, and efficacy studies.

Below are the broad categories of in vivo studies with which Woodburn Laboratory technicians have experience. As a boutique CRO, we specialize in fulfilling the specific needs of our clients, making all of our services “custom” to you.

Animal Welfare

In all animal research, Woodburn Laboratory technicians follow rigorous procedures to ensure animal welfare. All studies are performed to the highest ethical standards.


Explore the menu below to learn about our main areas of expertise. Don’t see what you need? Click on “Custom Services” or contact us today to inquire about what else is possible.

Housing & Husbandry

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Cancer Models

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Metabolic & PK Studies

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Custom Animal Research Services

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Humane Care Statement

Woodburn Laboratory believes in the humane care of laboratory animals and follows the 3Rs principles (Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement) in all animal experiments. We work hard every day to ensure that we provide excellent care and living conditions, use approved animal handling procedures, limit and reduce stress on the animal, and provide enrichment where possible, which results in a higher quality animal model for your research.

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