Custom In Vivo Services

Custom In Vivo Services

Woodburn Laboratory provides personalized services to meet your project needs.

The range of options is vast and tailored to your specific pre-clinical study or proof-of-concept study. The best way to proceed is to reach out to us so we can help you in the planning process to maximize efficiency and move your research forward.

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The Possibilities for Partnership are Endless

Here is a sampling of the types of work Woodburn Laboratory can do for you (see also the services listed in the menus above):

  • Testing for autoimmunity of compounds and biologics
  • Measuring cytokine release of custom cell lines
  • Evaluating the immunogenicity of therapeutic protein products
  • Collection of tissue samples for histological analysis

Whatever your needs, Woodburn Laboratory’s dedicated team of animal technicians and bench researchers can help you move your project forward.

The Process

One of our experienced project coordinators will sit down with your team to determine what specific services you require for your project, including housing and husbandry services, technical and surgical services, and testing services. We will then customize your service agreement to best fit your project goals. We offer reasonable daily rates, flexible lease terms, and three levels of contract services, in addition to customizable service terms.

  • Lease Terms
  • Per-diem basis for housing
  • Flexible lease terms offered
  • No contract term required
  • Three levels of service available
  • Customizable service terms

Levels of Service

Three levels of service are available, in addition to customizable service terms:

Basic Service (Option 1): Woodburn Laboratory provides the housing and husbandry services; partner performs all other. Includes use of space, cleanup, isoflurane anesthetic, and oxygen. Gloves, shoe covers, and surgical caps provided.

Intermediate Service (Option 2): Woodburn Laboratory provides the housing and husbandry services and technical assistance (injections, blood draws, follow-up care to surgery); partner performs all other. Everything included in Basic Service, plus sterile instrument use and other surgery supplies included (gauze, needles, syringes, skin stapler, cautery, heat packs, Eppendorf tubes, EDTA tubes, pipette tips).

Executive Service (Option 3): Woodburn Laboratory provides the housing and husbandry services and technical assistance (injections, blood draws, follow-up care to surgery), surgical assistance, sample/ tissue collection, euthanasia, and necropsy. Everything included in Intermediate Service, plus anesthesia support.

Additional (optional) services include help designing experimental research, choosing an animal model, developing protocols, ordering supplies and animals, and planning and executing experiments.


Explore the menu below to learn about our main areas of expertise. Don’t see what you need? Click on “Custom Services” or contact us today to inquire about what else is possible.

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Looking for help with your in vitro studies? Our cell and molecular biology team has the state-of-the-art technology and laboratory expertise to move your research forward.

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