Housing & Husbandry


Woodburn Laboratory’s general standard is anything but basic and includes the full-service care of animals. Housing and husbandry packages include food, bedding, constant water supply, cages with enrichment (PVC hide tube or hide hut, chew block and/or nest-building paper enrichment), weekly cleaning of cages and weighing of animals, and regular animal health monitoring. Animal care is the responsibility of experienced and knowledgeable staff, with veterinary oversight of all animal protocols.

High Standards of Animal Care

We follow the Guide.

All housing, husbandry, and research procedures undertaken at Woodburn Laboratory follow the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, published by the National Research Council and currently in its eighth edition.

We follow the Guide


We use Innovive (IVC) disposable caging systems for our rodent guests. Disposable cages prevent cross-contamination – you can be confident that your research animal housing will be clean and ready for your experiment. Innovive cages are also individually ventilated, providing another operational layer of protection and study control.


Incoming animals are always screened for pathogens and contaminants before entering the facility. If there are any concerns, Woodburn Laboratory follows stringent quarantine processes to guarantee the safety and health of all animals in the vivarium before your study begins.


Woodburn also employs a program of sentinel rats and mice to help detect any infections, pathogens, or other health concerns in the facility. Sentinels are routinely exposed to research animal bedding and other environmental factors in the vivarium and act as the “canaries” in the facility.

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While we feed a standard rodent feed to our animals, we can accommodate any specialized diet you might require for your study.


Our staff does routine health checks to make sure that your animals are well cared-for during the duration of each study. Rest assured that your research animals will be constantly monitored (with veterinary oversight and emergency care, if needed) to ensure the success of your experiment.

SPOTLIGHT: Gnotobiotic Models

Germ-free models are safe from contamination at Woodburn Laboratory. Our gnotobiotic colonies are kept in flexible film isolators. These allow for separation of client animals by project, keeping your precious experiment isolated from other animals in the vivarium.


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